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The UCD Genome Center TILLING laboratory will TILL your favorite rice gene by screening a population of japonica rice, var. Nipponbare. We have completed a beta testing phase in which several genes from test laboratories were TILLED in 768 individuals using Illumina sequencing. A larger population is available for deeper screens. This Nipponbare population has been developed at the USDA ARS laboratory at UC Davis by Tom Tai and Peter Colowit. 5,120 individuals have been arrayed. Arraying is a critical step for success of the operation, as the amount of each individual DNA in each pool must be close to that of the other DNAs. We currently screen 2,048 individuals per order for rice.

The development and pilot testing of this TILLING population is detailed in the following open access publication:

Till et al. 2007. Discovery of chemically induced mutation in rice by TILLING. BMC Plant Biology 7:19

Our testing has indicated that our large population has a comparable mutation density to that of the above pilot population.


Funding for Rice TILLING and the forthcoming service is by grant 2004-35604-14265 from USDA Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service, NRI Plant Genome Program, and by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation.

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